Acreage Pond and Lake Management Services

Aquapond has been working with water and water features for  15 years. We specialize in things like acreage ponds, water gardens, vanishing falls, custom fountains, bottom aerators, and swimming, farm, display ponds, and pond fountains. We include installation in our prices.

Aquapond specializes in lake and pond management for your convenience residential or commercial.

Aquapond has a full season program for your lake or pond. We will be out to service your pond every week to stay on top of any problems that may occur, and keep your pond or lake beautiful and healthy. Maintenance contracts start in april and run through october. We respond to our customers' emergency calls on a pond issue within 8 hours. Healthy lakes and ponds provide habitat and drinking water for nature, and are important for recreational fun like swimming and fishing. There are many threats to ponds and lakes, such as overgrowth of aging ponds, harmful bacteria, non-native species of plants and animals, over-population of crawdads and snails (causing swimmer's itch), and unbalanced fish population leading to too many biting fish like blue gill. Many facts can come into play in the decline of a pond or lake. If your pond is too shallow around the banks it may cause a lot of algae build-up. Fertilization run off into ponds, too, may cause growth and problems with water quality.

Each pond is unique and so needs unique care and attention. Some may need someone who is experienced and knowledge enough to properly care for it with out harming its ecosystem.

Aquapond will work with you on your pond and assess your pond's needs. We will put together a management contract to keep your pond or lake's water quality safe, healthy, and looking fabulous so you can simply enjoy it.

If you need an acreage pond dug, we can help you with digging and building it. We help with repairs to your water garden or feature, as well as offering maanagement  contracts on acreage ponds and water gardens. If you would like us to service your acreage pond, or have need of fountain removal cleaning and storage in winter months, with a reinstallation in the spring, please contact us! We're here to help!

We have been installing water gardens AND dealing with acreage ponds for 15 years and can help with all your needs. We are licensed by the Ohio Department of Agriculture with an aquatics license. Aquabond is an insured company.

All employees take training classes on proper installation of water gardens and acreage pond fountains & bottom aeration, and we have certificates from Savio and Aqua Control. We are members of the Better Business Bureau, THRA, NOLGA, and we are  loyal to our customer & want  to see smiles to see us returne. We treat acreage ponds with pesticides for algae or aquatic weeds, swimmer itch, crawdads, snails, leeches, nuisance fish, and we are trained to know which chemicals to use in certain types of ponds, we have done work for the city of Toledo AND Penta Career Center, as well as many others in northwest Ohio. We can help stock your pond if needed were licensed by dept. of agriculture in aquatic, & insured.. In summary: We can take care of your needs. We're just a phone call away.