Fountains and pond Water bottom Aeration sales & Services and               Installation

Part of good management and a healthy pond is using a high quality fountain and good bottom aeration. we sale aquacontrol  brand, the best in the industry 5 year waranty on 1 hp & above,shipped right to your door,  (we do installation as well.)

Installation of good, adequate aeration equipment along with a licensed aquatic herbicide applicator like aquapond  to control the algae and weed growth in using a good treatment program, you will see increased oxygen levels and a much more enjoyable pond to look at or swim/fish in. Bottom aeration and fountains help control algae overgrowth, aquatic weeds, sludge, and aquatic odors. A pond is like a fish tank with little movement; it needs artificial circulation on bottom and top of water to keep oxygen levels good throughout the whole body of water, resulting in good bacteria growth and cleaner, clearer, odor-free water.

Aquapond  is a distributar  for aquacontrol & specializes in installing Aquacontrol brand fountains & bottom aeration with a great 5 year  warranty 1 hp & above with quality parts, like stainless steel propellors, motors, and hardware from half-horse up to ?. The Aquacontrol fountains have many optional features, like stainless steel control panel, with separate timers for lights and fountains, and a variety of different spray nozzles and lined with stainless steel armor power cables to prevent muskrat damage.

Aquapond installs aquacontrol bottom aeration, the finest system in the industry. The system is enclosed by a  state of the art enclosure & great waranty, and we can customize a system to your exact pond size. The diffusers that sit on the pond's bottom will keep the pond from turning stagnant and allow fish to breathe comfortably and decompose sludge and other debris, allowing ammonia levels to drop, resulting in good water quality.


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