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Aquapond is the Northwest Ohio leader in pond and lake management.

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For over 20 years, Aquapond has been helping residents and businesses in Ohio & Michigan keep their ponds, lakes, and other onsite water features at their best. We work hard to ensure that we have only the highest quality and the most complete line of aquatic products and services available for you when you need them.

As a family-owned, full-service lake and pond management company, we offer a wide selection of aqua-care products including algaecides, aquatic herbicides, aerators, fountains, biologicals, dyes, and more. Our goal is to help you get the most enjoyment from your retention/detention pond, basin, wetland, water garden, farm/fishing pond, or golf course feature based upon your wants and needs.

Serving the greater Northwest Ohio region, we are the best at what we do. Let us prove it to you.

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Pond Care Services

Anyone who keeps a pond, lake, or other water feature on their property understands the importance of fostering a healthy aquatic environment. No one wants to have to deal with an out-of-control issue with polluted water or weed infestation. Lakes and ponds are a vital part of any balanced ecosystem, and they require proper care and maintenance.

That’s where our land and pond management services come in.

Managing a large body of water, such as a pond or lake, is not easy. However, professional lake and pond management professionals such as those at AquaPond are equipped with the resources, skills, and experience that best enables them to maintain large water bodies with ease.

Some of the services we offer to help maintain healthy onsite ponds and lakes include:

Pond Management

Our pond management teams are well educated in ecology, aquatic biology, environmental science, and fisheries biology, and are also passionate about pond and lake maintenance. They know how to detect any problems that your pond or lake has and recommend the right solutions to keep your pond or lake healthy and aesthetically pleasing.

One method for pond and lake management and care includes proper pond aeration. Using a pond or lake aerator, our professionals can diffuse oxygen into your water feature and refresh its ecosystem. Sometimes your pond or lake needs some help maintaining a proper pH balance or dealing with potentially harmful bacteria. In this case, pond chemicals and other pond maintenance products can help reestablish a healthy, thriving ecosystem. They can also improve the look and vibrancy of your water feature and remove any unpleasant smells that may have been associated with less healthy water conditions.

Muck, Cattail, and Excess Vegetation Removal

Managing pond and lake vegetation improve not only aesthetics but also the aquatic ecosystem. Our professionals have the right skills and resources to easily detect stubborn aquatic weeds and vegetation that can negatively impact water quality and the natural ecosystem. They can then take steps to remove muck, unsightly and unhealthy weeds, and other unwanted vegetation no matter how difficult to reach.

Fountain Installation

Perhaps you don’t have a water feature on your property yet, or you wish to add or modify an existing one. Aquapond has you covered. Whether you’re looking for a garden water fountain to beautify your space, or floating pond fountain to enhance your current lake or pond experience, our professionals can advise you on what will work best for your outdoor space. They will work with you in creating the best possible fountain installation for your wants and needs.

Contact us for a free estimate or if you have any questions at all about maintaining or installing a beautiful, healthy water feature on your property. We are the best at what we do, are licensed and insured, and our customer service and five-year labor warranty can’t be beaten. Call 410-699-2567 today!

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To whoever is in charge at Aquapond,
I must admit I thought there was no hope for my ½ acre pond at my new home, and it was going to need to be filled in. But Shawn sounded trustworthy and knows what he is talking about. So I hired Aquapond to take my swamp and make it a pond again. Wow! It looks brand new. I love the new stone on the banks and all the algae and weeds in the pond are history. You guys know your stuff. I’ll call you next year for my beach I want you to install.
Brian & Annie


To the president of Aquapond,
Working with Shawn and Tony, as they designed and built our water basin and fountain in front of our home looks great. The lights on the fountain stand out and our neighbors, several of them, stopped by and asked who built our water feature. We love it. I hope you get more work from those who admire it driving by. Thank you
Dav & Tracy

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