Aquapond is a family owned, full service lake and pond management company.


pond cleaning servicesFor 21 years Aquapond has been helping residents and business keep their pond and lakes in the finest condition. Our goal is to provide the highest quality and most complete line of aquatic products and services available in the market today. We sell only the top of the line products that we feel provide superior performance, resulting in truly satisfied customers.

We are a full service lake and pond management company, providing a wide variety of aquatic products, including algaecides, aquatic herbicides, aerators, fountains, biologicals, dyes, and other aquatic related products.

At Aquapond, we provide pond and lake management and design consultations. It’s certainly one of the most requested! We consult on all aspects of pond and lake management, from design to maintenance.


Aquapond will be happy to meet with you and hear your ideas and add some of our own to come up with a design for your water feature. We can build to your exact specifications, whether large or small.

Aquapond, a lake and pond management company in Toledo, offers you a full spectrum of expertise, products and services to enhance your water resources. Our goal is to help you achieve maximum enjoyment from your retention/ detention pond, basin, wetland, water garden, farm/fishing pond or golf course feature based upon your individual needs and requirements. Whatever your need may be, we will offer you the utmost in professionalism and service through all aspects of our company.

Call Shawn for a free estimate!! We are the best at what we do, let us prove it. That’s why we are licensed and insured. Our customer service and 5 year warranty on labor of your pond construction cant be beat.