Are you looking for an affordable way to increase the aesthetic of a residential or commercial landscape? Do you want to improve water quality, reduce pesky algae blooms, and get rid of potentially dangerous insect breeding? A fountain installation from Aquapond is the right choice for you. Based in Toledo, Aquapond has been at the forefront of perfecting the look and quality of ponds and lakes in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan for more than 20 years.

The Perfect Fountain for You

Everyone has their own tastes and budgets. Luckily, Aquapond has a variety of building materials and designs, and we can build to your specifications, both big and small! We can install the perfect garden water fountain to put the finishing touch on a residential water garden or tackle a large or commercial floating pond fountain for a pond located at a shopping center or residential complex. Reach out to us today for a free estimate!

fountain installation

How a Fountain Installation Can Benefit Your Pond

Your pond or lake is a place intended for relaxation, reflection, and recreation. Unfortunately, many side effects of an unhealthy body of water, like bad odors or insect infestations, ruin its allure. Lack of oxygen allows sediments to release gases that reduce water quality.

A fountain installation can improve the overall water quality by providing proper aeration. You’ll notice an immediate improvement of bad odors as the bottom layer of water becomes oxygenated and hydrogen sulfide is dramatically reduced. Aeration even prevents the buildup of sediment as it increases the rate at which organic matter composes. This means you’ll decrease or prevent the need for dredging in the future.

Want to avoid the most significant nuisance a pond brings? Nothing can ruin an evening of stargazing or hosting friends than getting attacked by bugs all night. Mosquitos are especially bothersome and dangerous. They require still water to develop their eggs, and a water fountain installation creates movement. Water fountains act as a natural, long-term solution for mosquito control.

Who Should Invest in a Fountain?

A fountain is a smart way to increase the aesthetic of a residence or commercial property. A new fountain would do just the trick for apartment communities looking to grab their audiences’ attention on their virtual property tours. Whether you want to enhance your home with a water fountain outdoor garden, show off the features of a basin, wetland, or pond, or attract visitors to a fishing pond or golf course, a fountain installation is an excellent investment.

The Best Location for a Fountain

In the perfect spot, the soothing sound of moving water and the glimmer of water cascading over a stone display set a fantastic mood. So, where is the ideal place? It all depends on your needs and your landscape. For instance, a decorative fountain near your home entrance provides elegance and a warm welcome to guests. A backyard garden pond with a small waterfall and fountain offers a retreat after a long day. Plus, a fountain isn’t complete without lighting. Waterproof illumination provides a beautiful display from all angles. Aquapond’s expert lighting installation allows you to enjoy your water feature well after dark, and all of our labor comes with a 5-year warranty.