How To Decorate Your Outdoor Space With Breathtaking Water Gardens.

Aqua Pond Water Gardens are becoming increasingly popular as a way to decorate landscapes all over the world. This is both for public spaces such as recreational parks as well as private residential compounds. Also known as aquatic gardens, a water garden is an architectural or landscape element that is designed primarily to host and display one or more species of aquatic plants. Water gardens can be interior and exterior depending on the owner’s preference. While the main focus of water gardens is on plants, aquatic gardens can be used to house certain fish species. In this case, the water feature becomes a fish pond.

Ideally, water gardens can be of any depth and size. However, most aquatic plants are sensitive to the depth of water and only thrive under very specific water depths. As a result, most aquatic gardens are typically small and comparatively shallow going less than 50 cm deep. In ancient times, water gardens were created by diverting existing water sources such as springs and streams and relied heavily on gravity or human and animal labor. Today, most water gardens use electricity that can be generated in numerous ways with solar power being an industry favorite due to environmental advantages, free energy and the fact that it avoids the installation of electrical lines in the water.


Types Of Water Gardens


There are very many different types of water gardens to choose from. It is advisable for you to carry out some research so as to find the type that best fits your lawn and the location you have in mind for your water garden. You can put your water garden anywhere in your yard as well as on your porch or deck. You should consider your family’s input in choosing the design and shape of your aquatic garden since there are numerous types available. They include bogs, container water gardens, sunken ponds, and raised ponds. The container pods best suit decks and porches. They entail flower pots with planted aquatic plants inside them and placing the pots inside a water container. The container pods hold an advantage over other water gardens in that they can be moved around the deck to the desired place or where it looks best. The other varieties of water gardens are permanent in their positioning. To set them up, you will need to dig permanent holes in the ground so as to build these aquatic gardens. If you don’t mind attracting wildlife to your water garden, then you should consider a bog. Bogs will usually attract small insects, dragonflies, and frogs. As for the raised and sunken ponds, they are created by digging holes in your lawn then placing black liners inside the holes. However, a prefabricated kit can also be used to build them. This material is available for purchase at your nearest home and garden center. It can also be ordered online from online-based plant nurseries.


Distinct Features Of Water Gardens


The beauty of these water gardens is that you can install additional features to suit your personal tastes. These include waterfalls which are very calming to listen to and can be very soothing during the summer. You can also install fountains which add a touch of elegance and grandeur to your water garden.

Water garden maintenance is relatively easy and, in most cases, does not take more than half an hour every week. The mat inside the skimmer will require cleaning about once every fortnight. This will ordinarily take less than 10 minutes. In addition to the skimmer maintenance, you will need to add beneficial bacteria to the pond on a weekly basis.

When choosing the right plants for your water garden, you should consider the plant’s benefits to the fish in your pond if any. Water Lilies are the most popular aquatic plants because of their ease in spreading across the surface of the pond and the shade provided to the fish by the lily pads. As for the choice of fish, goldfish and koi are the most sought after because of their bright colors. These colors enhance the pond’s visual appeal. In addition, goldfish and koi are known to be very friendly and interactive especially during feeding time. Although the installation of water gardens does not come cheap, the benefits and joy that come with them are worth every penny.

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