Pond Care & Small Lake Management Products

Pond Management Products

The health of your pond depends on the quality of the products you use to treat it. Whether you’re trying your best to push back algae, combating weeds that never seem to retreat, or minimizing detrimental bacteria and harmful sludge buildup, AquaPond has a product that is perfect for you. Algaecides, herbicides, pond dyes, pH balancing chemicals, neutralizing chlorine, and manual weed removers all have a place in your arsenal, and we’re here to teach you how to use them to take care of your pond best.

Pond Dye

The first step to any pond maintenance program is a high-quality pond dye. Without pond dye, chances are you’re going to be fighting a losing battle against weeds and algae all season long. If you choose not to use pond dye, you’re likely to need even more chemical water treatments like algaecide and herbicide. While these have their benefits, they should be used in conjunction with a good pond dye to maximize the health of your pond. All of our pond dyes are 100% safe for humans, fish, pets, birds, livestock, and irrigation. 1 gallon treats roughly 1 surface acre 4-6 feet deep.

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Pond Bacteria

If you’re looking to keep your pond floor clean, pond bacteria is your best friend. Just because the pond floor is hidden from your sight doesn’t mean it’s not important. Problems begin when algae, dead leaves, and fish waste build-up and form foul-smelling, unhealthy muck, and sludge. Plus, this sludge becomes food for unwanted pond weeds and algae. At AquaPond, we have several beneficial pond bacteria that work for different applications. Liquid pond bacteria is a formidable maintenance bacteria that is used regularly to prevent sludge buildup. Dry forms of concentrated bacteria are more frequently used near structures like docks to hasten muck removal.

Algae Control and Prevention

Algae are a rootless body that float openly across the surface of a pond. Excess nutrients (like sludge or fallen leaves) and sunlight cause its growth. There are three common forms of algae. Planktonic algae are generally green, blue-green, or brown and are suspended above the water. Filamentous algae come in the form of long threads that float to the water’s surface. Chara is a form of algae that does not grow on the surface and has a pungent odor and gritty texture.

Liquid copper sulfate is a great solution for algae prevention and removal. It is a safe, tried-and-true treatment method for keeping your algae under control and at healthy levels. One gallon treats 1 surface acre 1-3 ft. deep.

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Weed Removal

One of the best ways to remove weeds is manually. A weed cutter compliments chemical treatments to get the job done right. This natural method for weed removal uses blades to rake weeds from the bottom of the pond. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and effective.

Do-It-Yourself Pond Package

At AquaPond we teach you to take care of your pond for years to come. With our Do-It-Yourself package, I personally show you how to mix and spray the products needed to keep your pond thriving. I take the time to get to know you and your pond to use the proper types and amounts of cleaning products.

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